Vertical Reverse Flow Units


The Vertical Reverse Flow Units ( Self contained cabinets ) are designed for installation as Powder Sampling or Dispensing Hoods. These cabinets are produced with working area of different sizes to suit the application. Each cabinet is factory tested especially for the filter Integrity.

These cabinets are designed to provide high degree of protection of cabinet users and other staff from exposure to aerosols or vapours which may be generated during the preparation, manipulation, sampling and dispensing of drugs. These cabinets are useful in applications where immaculate working environment is needed.


Vertical Reverse Flow Units is a self contained system to control potent powders when sampling or dispensing the same.

These units are meant to provide protection to the operator and environment. Here the floating particles are sucked within the working area towards the pre-filters with filtration accuracy of 5.0 microns and 3.0 microns. Thus creating a negative pressure zone within the working area. The air path then moves from the pre-filters to HEPA filters & down towards the pre-filters again.

This re-circulation of air ensures the suction of free particles within the working area to wards the pre-filters and protect the operator.


These units are factory assembled and are made up of S. S. 304 grade Stainless Steel material. These units have smooth welded corners.


A direct driven statically and dynamically balanced blower assembly with a volume control damper is used for air circulation within the cabinet. Easy access is provided to the blower compartment.


Discharge filters are generally HEPA filters certified to achieve an filtration efficiency of not less than 99.97% and filtration accuracy of 0.3 microns. Hence the discharge air complies with Class 100 U.S. Fed. Std. 209 - E.


Pre-filters made from the fibre glass media to achieve high filtration efficiency and filtration accuracy of upto 5.0 microns. These are used to block major particles from the ambient air being sucked by the blowers and passing it through the discharge filters. Thus enhancing the life of discharge filters.


Low voltage touch control panel in the front of the cabinet is used for the unit operation. The unit comes with the switchgear for safe & trouble free operation. The fluorescent light fitted with glare free diffuser panels ensures proper visibility with the working area.


A Magnehelic gauge is used for static pressure measurement across the HEPA filters and also to monitor the blower performance.


» Hour meter to record operation time.
» Static pressure transmitter. ( 4 - 20 mA )
» Variable blower speed control device.
» Ceiling or Stand mounting arrangement.
» Germicidal U.V. light.
» Power outlet.
» Temperature controlled Heated work surface.
» Onsite validation.


Writing and execution of DQ, IQ and OQ carried out by our factory trained engineers.


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